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    Energy Saver was an app I used on my Kyocera 7135 a couple years ago. It will turn off the phone radio when it is out of signal range. You can specify how long it will wait before turning it off and then how long it will wait before turning back on to look for service.

    This app was really useful for saving battery as well as avoiding the slowdowns/freezing that happen while the phone was constantly going in and out of coverage.

    Is there anything out there that does this for the Treo 700p?
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    After some digging I found Treohelper. It has the ability to automatically turn off the radio when there is no signal and then periodically check for one.

    Hopefully this helps with the battery life and maybe with the freezing issues.
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    ProfileCare also can do this in the global options section.

    It can recheck for a signal at an interval you set and can shut of the radio if a signal is not found within a time period you select. Just what you want.

    I am not affiliated with the developer.
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    ProfileCare is still a little buggy on the 700p. The unit sometimes starts to flash (kebd lights turn on and off) during a profile chanage among a few other quirks.

    Gotreosoftware hasn't had a chance to update the app yet last I checked (now at 3.16?)
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