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    I see these threads about achieving push email via Cingular using the Exchange plug-in.

    Is push ever going to come to T-Mobile? I know this means dealing with phone company bureacracy, so it may be out of your hands to achieve, Marc.

    I'm sitting here with an Exchange Server all ready to go and would like to switch back to Chatter from Versamail. Especially as the PIM functionality gets layered on. It would save me from a WM5 fate.
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    We aren't working with them (we've tried but haven't gotten anywhere) at this point, so I have no time-frame for this. Sorry!

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    I figured. The old "We're Avis, we're number 2, we try harder" apparently translates in mobile phone-land to "We're T-Mobile, we're number 4, we don't care."

    Thanks, Marc.
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    I know some people at T-Mobile. Want me to pull some strings?

    Seriously, what exactly do you need to get this working? A seperate APN? A port open? A 12-pack of Mountain Dew?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sperte
    I know some people at T-Mobile. Want me to pull some strings?

    Seriously, what exactly do you need to get this working? A seperate APN? A port open? A 12-pack of Mountain Dew?

    Here is our list of non-negotiable demands for T-Mobile.

    1. 700p on GSM: be the first in the U.S.
    2. Open the doors for Marc to make it all work, brudda.
    3. Unbundle the wifi from the data so we can go back to $19.99/month data service (in my dreams).
    4. Fix the $%^$@! tower by my house, will ya? Data is sooooo slow.
    5. Carry the TyTn as an official phone.
    6. Look at how deeply discounted phones are on the U.K. T-Mo website. What about us?

    Thank you for your support.
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    Ha! I said I might be able to pull strings, not work miracles.

    1. As for the 700p, I think T-Mobile's content with their MDA for now.
    2. I guess there'd have to be some reason to open the doors for Marc (from T-Mobile's standpoint).
    3. What, you don't spend 50% of your time at Starbucks, Borders or other affiliate WiFi provider?
    4. *cough* UMA *cough*
    5. My guess is that the TyTn will replace the MDA in the future. (Future = after everyone's lost interest in the TyTn.)
    6. This is America. Get over it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sperte
    4. *cough* UMA *cough*
    Hmmm. I better learn to spell UMA. A "U" and an "A". Could you spot me an extra letter here so I can figure it out?

    The aggravating thing is that T-Mo have evidently been doing tower work in my neighborhood. Up the hill about a mile or so there used to be next to no service, and now we have 4 mighty bars.

    While T-Mo's elves were busily doing this I think they F'd up my personal home tower which is probably the adjacent cell to where they added coverage. This tower IS mine, all mine, you know. I used to be able to sit on the couch and surf the web on my Treo (because why use a laptop on your home wireless network when you have a Treo?). Now every web page times out. I have to watch TV or go to bed. What fun is that?
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    sperte - We use an existing, but non-standard APN at Cingular, so there was no cost involved to anyone. Cingular very much wanted to work with us, because their customers wanted the service. Assuming that T-Mobile cares about their customers, they would presumably want to do the same. At the moment, they are the only major US carrier that won't work with ChatterEmail's Exchange push (Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, and Alltel work).

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    My contract expires next May . . . . family plan. We pay T-Mo bongo dinero monthly . . . . I want this Exchange functionality . . . . hello Cingular? Might be worth paying the exit fee. Must think. . . .

    Marc. That comment. "Assuming T-Mobile cares about their customers."

    We are walking wallets to pluck. That's what we are. So yes, T-Mo does care about us. In a very special way.
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    I don't understand. How does the MDA tout push (from Exchange) functionality then?

    If I added the "corporate email" option to my account on T-Mobile could I use Chatter's EX plugin?
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    ChatterEmail uses an entirely different push mechanism than any other PDA-based email client.


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