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    I have a brand new PNY 1gig SD card and need to know if I need to format it in the Treo before I use it. I have installed Uninstall Manager and Backup Man (has not been launched yet) and in UM my SD card is showing two folders. First one is DCIM with three items AllAlbum.db, card.db, and CollectData.db. The second is a Palm folder with a Launcher folder with no items. Is this normal for a new SD card to show this info after a Hotsynch? Also it says I am using 96kb when it is showing 982.0MB free of 982.1MB. Does this all sound right?
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    I'm somewhat of a newbie myself, but that sounds correct. I'm sure somebody will explain it better in time!
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    Do you know if a new card has to be formatted in the Treo or am I good just popping it in and using it? Thanks!

    EDIT: According to the SD card thread above PNY SD cards should work out of the box without being formatted, so I will go ahead and proceed with my backups and adding programs to the card.
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    Why not just format it, just to be on the safe side? It takes what, 20 seconds?? Better than the Treo not being able to find your backup files later on down the road.
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    I have the pny 1 gig card i formatted it and its beeen working fine . I formatted in the treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedsHelp
    Does this all sound right?
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