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    The building I work is very hard on cell phone signals. Not just my phone/carrier, but all phones/carriers. So my new 700p is constantly picking up and dropping the signal.

    Problem is, that every time it picks up or drops a signal, it freezes for a few seconds (feels like 20, but it's probably 4-5). This is aggravating when I am sitting in my office trying to accomplish some task and I have to sit there and wait for it to drop / regain the signal before I can complete my work.

    I am more than happy to have it stop searching for a signal while I am in certain parts of the building. But when I am in those parts of the building, the phone is almost unusable because it picks up and drops so often (even when I am not moving).

    I know I could turn phone mode off in my 600 -- is there a fix / work around with the 700p?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kermit2
    I know I could turn phone mode off in my 600 -- is there a fix / work around with the 700p?
    You can still turn the phone mode off and on by pressing and holding the red key on the upper right.
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    Awesome! Thanks!!!
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    Yes, yes, yes. This is very sucky. Don't understand why my phone has to freeze up for so long every time signal fades or is acquired. I smell firmware update needed...
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    I had the 700w first before the p ( and now I am messing around with the q) and it does the same thing. In case you are wondering- the q sucks
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    Must be the hardware. But I don't understand why, considering the 650 never did this.
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    It also does this a lot (similar freezes) with SMS (on Verizon at least). I also think it does this when getting the voicemail signal from the network. See the "SMS lockup thread" in this forum.

    The combination of the in/out of signal freeze and the sms freeze really makes this phone a lot less useful than originally thought ...

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