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    Okay, so I confess I am a bit of a babe in the woods when it comes to this stuff. I recently took a new job and brought my 700p with me.

    After struggling to get it hooked up to the system at all, the tech support guy is saying that "they don't support" getting email from Outlook to my phone.

    WTF? Then what is the point of having this nifty little toy? I really want to give him hell (in a nice way of course) and get him to fix it. But I'd like to go in armed with information that (1) it is possible, and (2) suggestions on how to make it happen.

    My tech knowledge is decent for a non-professional, but I know very little about Exchange servers (or really anything other than what's sitting under my desk). So small words would be appreciated!
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    If your job runs an exchange server then you can connect to it with your treo. Do a search for exchange server and you should find some answers. I believe this topic is also covered in your manual.
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    Perhaps he can set it up so your mail gets forward to a different account and keeps a copy in your business outlook account.

    If you have your mail forwarded to say your sprint/version mail account then you should have no trouble checking your mail on your treo.
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    Without knowing anything about your corporate set up it's hard to say, but if you can use Outlook Web Access to access your corporate email, then Chattermail with the EX plugin should give you true push email functionality without having to involve your company's IT department at all.

    There are some other enterprise level (e.g. Goodlink) and desktop level (e.g. Sprint's proprietary Business Connect) solutions that you may be able to turn to if you want push email but don't have OWA.

    If you don't need push email or if your company uses IMAP, then you should be able to retrieve your company email in any number of other ways, including regular Chattermail, Snappermail and, ugh, Versamail. Again, however, it's hard to say without knowing anything about your company's set-up.

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