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    Hey fam.

    I was very curious about this issue. As you all know, when you first get the phone it comes with this plastic on the screen. I always keep this on the screen until it falls off, but after that came off I had one more protector to use. I used it and it eventually wore out. Now for a few hours i've been without a protector on the screen.

    Well, my question is should I be using my phone without something on the screen? I have been using my stylus because I just cant bring myself to touch the screen with my finger! Its so clean and perfect looking, I just dont want to mess it up How long should I be using this thing without something on the screen? Is it good for the phone/screen? I know its made for people to touch and what not, but I just dont feel comfortable. I am ordering more this weekend, but until they come I will have to cope without it.

    I hate using the stylus all the time so before I go touchin this thing all crazy, I wanted to make sure I wont be messin up anything! I understand that you can use an eye glass cloth to clean it. I'll have to pick me up one.

    How has your screen held up without a protector on it? Thanks a lot!
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    Why not use the 5-way instead of touching the screen? Pretty much everything that comes with the 700P is 5-way compatible.

    I wouldn't dare touch my screen w/o a protector, but that's just OC me. Even a tiny speck of dust at the tip of the stylus can scratch the screen. Same thing with those micro-fiber eyeglass cloths. If there is some dust on the cloth and it's on the part of the cloth making contact with the screen, you could end up with tiny scratches.
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    I've never used a screen protector on my 650 and after a year or so, the screen is holding up pretty well.

    I keep my Treo in my pants pocket but I keep everything else out of that pocket.

    I have one small scratch at the bottom of the screen, but it does not bother me as I use the stylus less than 2% of the time.

    I would say that if you are concerned about scratches, keeping a screen protector on would be a good idea.
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    I have this same question.. my issue is: I don't know much about screen protectors. But I imagined them as a decal sort of effect. Like a window decal. But I got a screen protector with my Treo and that one was sticky! it has a sticky film on the backing. Now, wouldn't this leave a residue on the screen?? I'm confused!
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    I used one on my Treo 300 and 600. Then just before getting my Treo 700p, I just removed it from the 600 and never looked back.
    Keep it in my front pants pocket and or course nothing else goes into that pocket.
    Good Luck

    BTW I slightly scratched my 600 screen trying to get the screen proctector off.
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    cool thanks for all the quick replies!

    ok about that residue stuff...i would imagine it's gonna leave some kind of sticky crap on your screen! thats a good point! it seems like using one of those is worse then just leaving the screen alone, right?! good point

    i just bought a case with a belt clip (which i hate!) so I dont have to use my pocket anymore. i dont like belt clips because the phone sticks out too damn far from my pants! but i do keep it clipped to the INSIDE of my pocket. so that shouldnt mess with the screen much..hopefully. this is my second 700p. on my last one i had one on the screen and when I tried to get it off, i scratched the screen like Tiger said....

    so i guess now my question is, does anyone know of a good protector with no adhesive on the back and is easy to remove?

    I appreciate all the info. I know there's probably tons of these threads!
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    This is an excellent screen protector for the Treo 700p:
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    I wouldn't use my Treo without a Screen Protector. I have used BoxWave cleartouch anti-glare and it works great. Another good reason (besides protecting the screen) is that it increases the re-sale value of your Treo when you decide to upgrade.
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    I've had my treo for about a month now and I never used a screen protector. I use the stylus quite a bit and even use my fingers. I keep the phone in my pant pocket away from keys and coins. The only problem I have had is some lint getting stuck in the corners, but with a little bit of cleaning that can be taken care of.
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    Screen protectors are cheap and really easy to install. I didn't think I needed them until I accidentally scratched my old Visor screen. Now I apply screen protectors to all my touch screen devices.
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    Boxwave's ClearTouch for the Treo 700P and Brando's Ultra Clear both are literally crystal clear and DO NOT LEAVE ANY RESIDUE. I recommend either of them for the 700P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    Boxwave's ClearTouch for the Treo 700P and Brando's Ultra Clear both are literally crystal clear and DO NOT LEAVE ANY RESIDUE. I recommend either of them for the 700P.
    Boxwave has the pushiest, most condescending customer service department I've ever encountered.
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    You needed customer service for a screen protector? Or did you make the mistake of ordering one of their other products?

    The only thing I would ever order from BoxWave is their ClearTouch screen protector. People usually don't need any support or service for those.
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    what if something gets stuck in the mail or gets damaged... it's always nice to have good customer service just in case.
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    thanks everyone who replied. oh and how the h3ll do i get the bubbles out?! :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoove03
    thanks everyone who replied. oh and how the h3ll do i get the bubbles out?! :/
    Try using the edge of a credit card to smooth them out.
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    I bought the Bestskinsever complete skin for my 700p. Installation was pretty easy as long as you use enough soapy water. No bubbles, no scratches (knock on wood) happy so far. They are very cheap too.
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    I don't like the bestscreensever screen protecter. The material is very compressable and pressure from the stylus causes it to grab wold to the serface of the screen.

    That said, I love the rest of the Treo skin.
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    i've been using treos for over maybe 4 years...tried screen protectors for a bit, but didn't like them and couldn't justify the cost.

    i've never had a screen scratches or anything.
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    Hard to imagine spending 3-500 bucks for a treo and then not using a screen protector. Oh well.... I see people using their treo without a protective case... just a matter of time before they drop it and then they're SOL.
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