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    I have the Treo 650, and the GlobalSat BT338 GPS device.

    I have had these fully functional for the last six months, however, due to an unrelated problem with my Treo650- I had to replace my Treo.

    The new Treo650 is working fine, but now that I am trying my GPS again, the Treo is recognizing the GPS but prompting me to:

    "Enter passkey for

    In the recent past, I only needed to select the BT-device and we were connected.

    I assume that I entered this passkey on my original Treo, but this info was not transferred to the new one.

    Does anyone know how I could go about finding the Passkey for my GPS device?

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    I would try 0000
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    that worked!

    Thanks fdrebben!

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