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    Help please.

    i installed voicedial and doc2go, from the disc that came with the 650. then my treo started acting funny. resets for no reason, resets after hotsync. i deleted both programs but problems persist. now what? thank you.
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    GSM device: #*377 <cr> will tell you what's causing the device to reset.
    CDMA device:##377 <cr> is the equivalent its GSM counterpart.

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    what does that mean? i tried dialing those numbers but that doesn't work..
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    I think the phone has to be on too. What happens when you try them? One of them should work on your phone...

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    if that doesn't work, you might want to backup all your info. and do a hard reset to restore back to factory...
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    Live Hard, Die Easy...
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    when i dial: "your call cannot be completed as dialed. please check the number and call again. T2."

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