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    Hi all! I've just purchased a used 650 and I need to transfer my data from my broken 270 and it's desktop version to the 650 version. What's the best way to do that, uninstall the 270 desktop first, or install the 650 version over top of it? Thanks, Mark.
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    Check this link... This is all you need to know...
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    I went from a Kyocera 6135(?) to a Treo 300, then 600, then 650 and now 700p. The Treo 300 was a really neat device for its day, though it was a bit on the finicky side. Anyway, when I upgraded to the 600, everything worked, as I kept the 300 up to date. You sure will see a big difference in performance, which I am sure will be a pleasant surprise.

    As for the desktop, Palm suggests you delete it before installing the new one. My suggestion is to copy the desktop to another folder and then delete the desktop. That way in case something goes that you need, you will have a copy of it.


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