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    Marc has done it again and slayed the mighty dragon to provide us with a capability that seemed forever out of reach.

    Following the directions in the FAQ entry worked like a champ to enable PUSH email for me on my Cingular GSM 650:

    You may need to be persistent when on the phone with Cingular until you get to the right someone who knows how to provision the feature SOC code G821, but it is an instantaneous thing once is applied to your account requiring a quick cycle of the radio. I dialed the regular 800 331 0500 customer support number to start that part of my odyssey (total of 10 minutes on the phone).

    Once again, kudo's to Marc for getting this working.

    As an unconfirmed benefit, the new APN appears to connect and respond faster than the APN I'd been using previously. Nothing empirical here, just my unscientific impressions.


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    I know the message is over 2 years old, but I have been banging my head to find info on this infamous, now debunked feature of Chattermail.

    First, is the EX Plugin the necessary plugin for OWA access through Chatter.
    Second, what files make up the EX plugin?
    I picked up a Treo 650 on Ebay that had chatteremail on it and want to see if I can get OWA access with it.
    Third, is there any documentation on how to configure OWA access with CHatter. I have looked all over the internet for an older manual or forum post with info on it, but have only found enough to whet my appetite to know more.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Thanks! I wasn't sure whether those were for OWA or not. Now I just need to figure out how to configure it. Palm has the chatteremail 3.x instructions but no mention of OWA.

    So my quest continues.
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    Ask here. Someone there may have the documentation.
    It is not that hard to figure out.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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