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    Is there a good spell checker that will work in Biz Con and Text Message apps?
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    spellcheck by thomas chapman
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    I use LexSpell and like it very much
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    Ditto on LexSpell. Bobby just updated it to work with GoodLink.
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    If you like the outlook handles spell checking, lexspell
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    I too LOVE Spell Check. It is inexpensive and it offers various size dictionaries that can be stored on your device or on your card. I highly recommend and you can find it here.

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    One question - do both of these apps work with your 700ps?

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    Lexspell works on the 700p, no problem.
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    Thanks for the quick follow up. I will download an evaluation copy.
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    Do not expect it to work with every application - Lexspell & BDictionary do not work properly with HanDBase. Ben
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    So far LexSpell has been working great on my 700p, knock on wood
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