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    Anyone here using a Treo 650 Inno.Dock with your 700P? I'd like to get an Inno.Dock for my 700P and I know Seidio makes a 700P specific version, BUT the 700P version has a 2.5mm plug built in. Frequently inserting and removing the 700P from this dock makes me nervous as the 700P's 2.5mm jack is already pretty fragile.

    The Treo 650 Inno.Dock doesn't have this 2.5mm plug (I don't care about not having audio out with a dock).

    Treo 650 hotsync cables supposedly work with the 700P, but from first hand experience I now this isn't always true. I recently tried out one of my 650's sync / charge cable with my 700P. It was a tight fit, but it worked for awhile. After a couple of days, the 700P's original sync / charge cable became loose and hotsyncing no longer worked 100%. I would get erratic connections with both the original sync cable and the one from my 650.

    In the end I tossed that Treo 650 sync cable and had to send the 700P back for an exchange.

    So has anyone here been regularly and successfully using a Treo 650 Inno.Dock with a 700P? Have you noticed the connector becoming loose with the 700P's orignal hotsync cable? Any erratic hotsync behavior?
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    To the best of my knowledge the serial port on the 650 and 700p are identical in dimension, so I don't think getting the 650 cradle would be a problem. If you want to be really safe just buy the 700p cradle and snip off the 2.5mm jack... a little ghetto but it should get the job done.

    As an aside, it seems that all the seidio cradles (with sound out features) that worked with the 650 have been retrofitted with the 2.5mm audio jack. This includes the innodock and gps cradles. Although I haven't seen the 700p gps cradle, it says that a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable is included which sounds like they cut some big corners to get it working for the 700p without devoting a lot of money to R&D.

    I'm hoping this isn't the direction all accessory manufacturers are taking as it's not impossible to get audio out of the 700p's serial port. There was a post a long time ago, which I think got bumped off the boards, where someone posted about his serial-port headphones no longer working on the 700p. In that thread, there was a statement from palm saying that sound out from the serial port should still work as long as it's done correctly on the 700p. So either some of this information was wrong or accessory makers like seidio are taking the quick way out.

    Edit: Found this post for you:
    Isn't much since it's just one person's experience but hopefully it'll help you make your decision.
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    I am. Works fine except for the audio jack which will not work.
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    Like I said, having audio out is not an issue for me. So sndtubes, how long have you been using your 700P with the Treo 650 Inno.Dock? Have you tried using your 700P's original sync cable? Has it become loose? Have you experienced any erratic hotsyncs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by muncheroo
    As an aside, it seems that all the seidio cradles (with sound out features) that worked with the 650 have been retrofitted with the 2.5mm audio jack.
    This is why I won't buy another Seidio cradle. Not only were the early cradles missing the 2.5mm jack, the audio out didn't work AT ALL. Then they had the nerve to say that if you wanted the audio out to work, you had to buy an additional $10 attachment. Total B.S.
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    So final verdict? Treo 650 Inno.Dock works well with the 700P and will not in any way, damage and / or loosen the 700Ps connector?
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    I'm using the Innodock, and it's been working fine for several weeks. I got it partly because my OEM sync cable charges but mostly doesn't sync. The Innodock syncs reliably.
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    Innodock works perfectly for me, I don't use it for audio though...
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    Hmmm... My Inno dock only works with the Inno.. I mean I do not see a way to charge or sync the Treo with an Inno dock.. home OR car...
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    opensecret, Chazzan, so you two are using Treo 650 Inno.Docks with your 700Ps?

    MikeRadio, I don't understand what you're saying.
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    I was using the 650 InnoDock with my 700p and it wasn't working very well. Initially it was VERY difficult to remove the 700p from the dock. It is still difficult, but not as bad.

    But more importantly, I find that my connection is much less reliable and sometimes it will disconnect/reconnect while just sitting there (I can tell because of the sound my computer makes).
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    I now have two 650 Innodocks that I'm using with my 700p (on two different PC's). Getting the Treo on the dock is a little tricky because you have to get things lined up just right, but I don't have a sense that there's a risk of harming the Treo unless you try to force-fit it. My first Innodock has always worked fine. The second one charged, but didn't seem to sync at first. The fix turned out to be unseating and reseating the usb cable in the back of the Innodock.

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