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    I have a bit of an odd request, let me explain. I recently moved and the Sprint coverage near my new house is not so hot. The roaming coverage though is much better. The problem is when I'm on the phone it will often try and pick up a Sprint signal, get one, then fade out shortly after. So what I want to know is if there is anything i can do (a program? firmware hack?) to get around this problem, maybe make it so it won't pick up Sprint signals mid-call or even if its something that I can turn on and off while I'm home or elsewhere. Thanks!
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    I think (but am not 100% sure) that roaming is controlled directly by Sprint via the PRL.

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    I am not an expert by any means......... However I am with Alltel and had the
    opposite problem, could not get mine to stay in my home network.

    Check with your provider because I dont know if this applies to all 650's or not.

    I was told to dial #*#000000 it takes you into a setup screen then I was asked to edit the SID number (a 3 digit number). When I did that it put my phone into ROAM 24-7. (mine has other issues)

    Somebody else should probably tell you more about the programming. I am just passing on what I did.

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