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    A lot of threads have been negative and covered problems with the p, so I ask you, what is the best thing about your P?
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    Best things in my opinion: EVDO, better stability, improved keyboard, more RAM.
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    IMO, the best thing about the P is its ability to provide me with information!

    Where there's internet, there's information and with EVDO speeds I really do feel connected at all times. Of course browsing the internet on any phone can be tricky at times so there are a few handy apps to sheppard me along the way.

    Directory Assistant: yahoo local in easily digestible form.
    Flight Status: same as above for flights.
    4cast: live weather on my home screen
    Versamail: great email app imo, simple and reliable. Demo'd chatter and snapper and went back to versa!

    Other things I like about my treo:
    Tomtom: with or without gps, this is great. I preload the maps for the state I'm flying to and I never feel lost. Kmaps is nice too but even with EVDO it can be a little slow at times.
    Nesem: Nintendo Emulator.
    SkinUI/Zlauncher: pretty up the phone a little so people don't think my phone is from 1999.

    Hmm after reading my post I guess most of these things can be done with a combo of a pda and a regular phone, so I guess the best thing I like about the P is that I can do all this with a single, small device =D
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    Lots more memory, it really is more stable and just love the still one-handed operation.

    I like the ability to store files all over the place and have them run. I have Documents to Gone installed, Java in main memory, a couple of back up programs (I'm trying Resco Backup) and lots of HanDBase installed and am no where near having any memory problems. Documents to Gone is basically on the SD card, I have the dictionary and thesaurus, et cetera and it all runs well together. Granted it does not load as fast as the Treo 650, but it still holds a lot. My current configuration has 43.9mb free on the device. Not bad.

    EVDO hasn't been a real big thing for me, cause I rarely use the Internet. I do use DA on occasion, ChatterEmail of course and text messaging. It is a lot faster though.



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