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    Ok, ok, ok, I know many threads have discussed this, but I'd like some opinions on the three headsets I'm considering.

    Jabra JX10
    Treo Wireless Headset
    Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset.

    The 1st one I'm considering is the TWH, since what I've read is good. The 2nd is the JX10, I've read there are some problems, 2/3 of them are problematic, but the other 1/3 work excellent. The only place I know around here that sells them is Best Buy, and they're $180 there. I think many others have them for $100. Big premium, but if there's a problem, it's easy to return, somewhat.

    As for the UWH, I haven't read much about it. I think I found 5 posts, most saying it's great, a couple saying there's a lot of static.

    I'd really WANT to buy the UWH, since it's new, lightweight, and from what I can tell, you don't need an ear hook. That'd be good, since I plan on mainly using it while driving, with sunglasses.

    Am I missing anything between these 3? Should I risk it and buy the UWH? How's the return policy with the Treo Central Store, just in case?
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    You may also want to check into the actual Plantronics Discovery 645 (which if I recall correctly is the same as the UWH,just not Palm branded) and also try the 640.

    I've heard many hit or miss with the 645,but I can comment that I have used both the TWH and the 640,and I prefer the 640 head over heels-mainly it works as a headset should,with the Treo,whereas the TWH was a bit loopy over time,but oddly works great with my other mobiles !
    I also considered the UWH,but upon discovering it was a rebranded 645,I lost interest,especially upon confirming the multipoint issues. Also,I was considering the JX10,but am quite happy with the 640.I too saw it for about $180 at BestBuy and had considered purchasing there,but if I did purchase it would likely buy it from an eBay seller who has a B&M store within driving distance ,save money (they have it on eBay for about 92,plus the pickup fee-comes out to about $100) and ease of return.

    I am often leary about the more expensive units-I remember buying the BT800 around the time it came out,it was about $150 plus taxes.I was all excited about the features,none of which worked properly with my phone,and I could never really get the headset on and it wasn't comfortable...

    I use my 640 without the ear hook,unless I've gone jogging or to walk the dogs,when I use the ear hook-I wouldn't want to lose it (ironically I lost my original headset when I wasn't even using it,it was amongst several things that fell out of my purse late one evening on a bus and I didn't notice until I went to use it )

    But for right now,I have no plans to upgrade,unless a 645 with multipoint were released-could use the noise reduction technology,although haven't had many complaints about not being heard-and I've used my treo w/640 on the noisy streets of NYC several times in the last month.

    Happy shopping !
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    I have the Treo Wireless headset and it's pretty good. The battery life is good and it uses the same charger as the Treo, which is a HUGE advantage. When travelling, I want to carry around the least amount of cables as possible. I really want to try out the new Palm Ultralight, but it's still too expensive.

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    I'm thinking of going with the TWH. It's relatively cheaper and from what I've read, mostly works with the 650. There were a few saying they had problems, but there are some like that whenever talking about tech.

    I would've tried the UWH, but because of the price, and this being my first bluetooth headset, I don't want to end up not using it and it end up being a waste of money.

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