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    i hotsync 2 games to sd card. when i run any of these games, treo 650 either froze or restart. How do i run games from sd cards? do i need to uninstall them, reinstall to internal memory then use powerRun?
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    I too have been having a problem with 1 game in particular - I had it on my card and then uninstalled it & kept it in internal memory which I thought solved my problem - but had a crash & reset the other day. It seemed to be loading a game I had been playing where I left off, and then it crashed. I had a feeling I had stuff (remnants) left on my card, so I have now wiped my card clean, done a hard reset and am adding apps 1 by 1 - have yet to add that game back in yet - but I hope it will work - I will leave it in memory & not the card.

    I don't know if it was a prob w/the game itself (but I doubt it, lots of people have it & don't seem to have probs) or the game on my card, or what. I'm leaving many things off the card for now & see what happens.
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    I'm having problems with games, too. I just got my Treo so all this is VERY new to me. I don't know what a "warm" reset is nor a "hard reset" other than the hard reset loses all your info.

    I only have two games on my Treo. Solitaire and Bejeweled both from the software disk that came with my phone.

    I installed a demo verichat the other day to learn about it. (and realized the problems everyone else was having with it)

    Today I tried opening Solitaire and it would freeze, and reset. I tried it like 4 times. Then I tried Bejeweled. Same thing.

    Then tonight I was looking through my pictures and some of the pictures aren't coming up for me! a window pops up and says, "unable to display this picture. It may be too large, corrupted, or there may not be enough memory" And I can see the picture as a thumbnail, I just can't open it!

    And then while in the pictures it just reset itself all over again!

    I'm freaking out! I'm too new at this phone to have any idea what I'm doing yet. I tried calling Sprint just now but it's too late. I'll have to call tomorrow.

    Guys, any advice would be appreciated. Remember, I have no clue what I'm doing here. I've had my phone under a month and this is my first Treo.

    Please help! I don't want my phone to die!
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    I know - I sooo want to add Chuzzle back onto my 650, but am afraid of the resets or worse, the reset loop. I've done a complete hard reset & reinstall hoping that got rid of any little database files (like when it loads a game you left off playing?) and I even reformatted my card - but I still haven't added it back on yet.

    I am contant playing the demo's on my PC for Chuzzle (not avail. for Mac) and Bejewelled 2 on my Mac at home. BTW, if you like Bejewelled, you'll love Chuzzle.
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    I did a hard reset last night (had to learn how to do it, first) after backing up my files first.

    So everything is back on my phone now...and the games work fine... but since I kept everything the same I'm worried about it happening again!

    I still don't understand what was wrong!

    Never heard of chuzzle. I'll look into it! Thanks!

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