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    I am a treo600 owner, who has just purchased a new refurb 650gsm for $200. I wanted to wait for the HTC TyTN, but my 600 is about to die (can only hear calls through the headset, ringer goes in and out etc). Any consistent problems with the 650 I should be aware of? Thanks guys!
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    I too want a TyTN and they should be on sale starting tomorrow (go search on hofo using "TyTN" and you'll find a thread on pre-orders for TyTN) but geez they're expensive. I'm going to wait quite a while until prices become sane.

    I have a T 650 and yes, it does spontaneously reboot itself from time to time but aside from that it is a great phone. And as much as the TyTN promises to do everything including shine your shoes, we all know it won't be as one-hand friendly as the Treo.

    Unfortunately what's driving me away is the desire to have my handheld talk to my Exchange Server. That means WM5, unfortunately. Palm's delivery of such a device on the GSM side is . . . well, where is it, exactly? Stuck over there behind that door labeled "Someday".

    Yeah. Go 650. You'll get lots of use out of it.
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    I'm intending on using the 650 just in the interim. I didn't want to 'upgrade' with t-mobile and get their mda for 350 and lock my self in for 2 years. I'd rather jump to Cingular when they the TyTN, get the new line discount and still have a 650 in decent shape as a back-up or what not. Unless palm gets a gsm phone out that has all the features of the TyTN.
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    what is " HTC TyTN" mean???

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