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    I have a paid megalauncher registration, but megalauncher doesn't support application/database movement from the card to the pda and BACK. In other words, it doesn't copy the updated database back to the SD card when you are done with the application.

    ZLauncher seems to do this properly, but from EVERYTHING I have read, it is a resource pig.

    What are some alternative launcher programs that support the dynamic database update - ie, they let you store the database on the SD card, but update the database if it changes after you exit the program.


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    There are so many threads on this. It boils down on what and how you want to do it. I looked at all of the launchers except megalauncher, though I did download it. I looked at the file size and said, "and they say ZLauncher is big."

    Anyway, ZLauncher does many things well. To term it as a resource pig is wrong. It's foot print and use of resources may be bigger than a smaller and less capable program, but Megalauncher is even bigger and it does not do the things that ZLauncher does, though it does other things...

    In my situation, I needed the maximum amount of free space and that was obtained from ZLauncher. There are others that do almost the same, such as moving apps back and forth.

    My suggestion is for you to try them before buying. Lots out there and yes, some are faster than ZLauncher.

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    Or if you're really worried about memory, you can put ZLauncher in ROM (have to also have at least a theme in ROM as well...) and take out the stock launcher...
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    Wow. I've never heard of zLauncher being a resource hog. It has a somewhat large footprint (1.2M?? or something like that). If you add background images or download additional themes, it takes up more room. But using one of the themes that comes with it and not using any of the addins, keeps it reasonable. And it is worth it. I can move a lot of apps to the card that, if kept in ROM, would take up much more space.

    It doesn't slow down switching between apps or processing (as in using Docs 2 Go, calculators, etc.), it's very stable and seems to work well with all the apps I have used with it.
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    and u forgot one other thing, it makes ur screen looks very sexy
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    Is there any other launcher program that is available as freeware?

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