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    Just checkin to see what brightness level you guys all run at. I just ordered a new extended battery (should be here in an hour or so), and the one thing I realized is when everyone was discussing their battery times, no one ever mentioned brightness. I was under the impression it makes a large difference in battery, so I run mine about 2 clicks to the right.... makes daytime a little rough, but I figured its what I had to do. How about you guys?
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    I run mine at the same level as you.
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    I am at 1 or 2 clicks from total darkness.
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    I just ripped off the junky Palm screen protector it came with and am now using it in the brightest mode.
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    looks like we are all battery level sissies... i was hoping someone would say they run full brightness and it lasts just as long :P
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    I am your man. I run at full brightness, all the time, and it lasts all day. I do have the setting for the phone to Dim after 3 minutes, and use Phone Technician to turn off the Phone display after ten minutes (figure I am not looking at it when it is up to my ear). Otherwise, it is on full brightness the rest of the time I use it.
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    I found that it's too bright if I go all the way so I dialed it down a bit.

    BTW, please report on how your new extended battery work for you after a couple days!
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    just got my shipment from TreoCentral... got the palm audio adapter, 3 pack of pen styli, extended battery, and 3 Plantronics MX1000 headsets (my whole family loves these things, and TC is practically giving them away). Im probably going to make a seperate review thread, but thus far the battery shipped about 40 percent charged, so im gonna try and kill it throughout the day, and start putting it to work
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    I run mine about 25% from the left (don't see the ticks, but remember them from somewhere), and 30 seconds auto-off with 30 secs after a call. I'm not at all sure if this makes a difference though.
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    Ok guys, I'm gonna try it out too. I set mine at about 75%...from my previous 1-2 from darkness. I'm really anal about battery life so I used to check it often. Previously, with my near dark setting, I'd have about 50-60% battery remaining at the end of the day. We'll see...
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    I don't know what the final conclusions was, but at one point I read that a soft reset was suggested for the Treo to recognize the new higher capacity battery.

    Again I don't know if this is true but you may consider it.
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    am i missing something...isn't taking the battary out (to put the extended battary in) already a soft reset?
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    Indoors - I'm right in the middle
    Outdoors and driving in my car - all the way to the right. I can't see anything with my sunglasses on if it's set in the middle.
    Mine is set to auto-off after two mins. Use to set it at 3 mins but easily learned to live with two mins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webedc
    I found that it's too bright if I go all the way so I dialed it down a bit.

    BTW, please report on how your new extended battery work for you after a couple days!
    not impressed with the extended battery even after 3 weeks...not sure if its worth the money
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    My brightness is in the middle of the slider. I used to run it one tick to the right of complete off, but found that battery life lasted almost the same and the screen just looked better with the light on halfway.
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    I use BrightCam app and it adjusts accordingly from dark conditions to what ever level of light conditions. If I am using my phone in the dark, it is almost at the lowest level since you don't need much light to see in the dark with the keyboard backlight on, and when outside in the sun, it is at pretty much highest level, since the light glare from the sun makes the screen hard to see, while shutting the keyboard backlight off in the process to save on battery since it isn't needed, and it adjusts to different levels between darkest and lightest conditions. It works pretty well and is giving me significant extended battery life since I started using it not too long ago. I am pretty sure some of you guys have used it on your 650's, but I am new to it, and it seems to work well with my 700P.
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    If you adjust the brightness slider (option+p) with the 5-way left/right there are 16 positions.

    If you consider position #1 darkest and #16 brightest, I run at postition #5.

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    My battery usually lasts about 2 days when I have my screen set to the brightest level. That includes using a significant amount of the "power vision" services.
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    you guys have a 700p with a nice screen! don't keep it so dim, go ahead and crank that brightness up and enjoy the screen to it's full potential!
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    Today is the first day with a fully discharged extended battery, bluetooth is on, screen is about 2 clicks from full... will report back.
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