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    hey guys... last night, I had to soft-reset my treo because it was locking up for way too long after I would send a text message to a fellow VZW user (I think it has to do with the delivery confirmation) I also deleted the message thread that I had going on, because I figured it was taking up too much space, and might also be slowing my treo down

    this morning I noticed that when a new text message comes in, it says that I've received a new text message, but it no longer shows a preview on that message - did I change some sort of setting that doesn't preview it anymore? I always liked that feature..

    anyone have any suggestions? I'm running a vzw treo 700p with almost no 3rd party apps besides versamail and TCPMP.. thanks
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    oh how wonderful it must be to have a Verizon p and be able to call "versamail" 3rd party :>

    EDIT: I have no idea what you are talking about
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    Change the view option at the top of the main SMS page to "Inbox".

    There is already an Official SMS Lockup thread here:
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    the preview of an incoming text message would always appear on my screen when i received one - it would give me the first couple of sentences of the text - now I only get "1 new text messages has arrived"

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