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    I have two 650s, one for me and one for the wifey.

    I need advice selecting skins/cases for each.

    I want a thin skin when I am using the 650 AND a case to put it in and wear it on my belt. I would like to be able to connect to the headphone jack while it is in the case on my belt/pocket.

    I purchased the Seidio Premium Pouch Case (Skin Fit) AND the SP Crystalcase but dont like the Crystalcase (cant access antenna port or battery compartment) I also am not too happy with the pouch case.

    My wifey would like a case to hang the 650 from her neck but I also want to get her some kind on thin skin cover to make the 650 easier to grip.

    I purchased the Naztech Sport Pouch case but the plastic ball on the elastic bands make the case really hokey to use.

    The wife and I use the PDA functions a lot and I MUST have easy access to screens, keyboard, stylus, battery, antenna, reset...

    Any advice?
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    So you did no like the Seidio silicon skin case? The Skin Fit Pouch you got is supposed to be for use with a Treo that has a silicon skin case on.

    A nice case with a lanyard is JavoEdge's Javoskin.

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