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    Hi All,

    I've just set up TomTom on my Treo 650, and it all seems to be working ok except for Contacts Navigation. There is an app showing on the SD Card screen called 'ContactsNavigation'. When I tap it it brings up a crude version of the address book filled with all my contacts. I can highlight one and go Menu-> Navigate to... or Menu-> Show in Map and it brings up the person's address with an OK and cancel button. If I tap OK it loads TomTom, but doesn't plan a route or anything.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    I doesn;t sound like you're missing any steps.

    I click on contact, then navigate to, click OK. And TomTom comes up and is waiting a valid GPS signal ( I don;t have the reciever with me now).

    If I click on contact, then show in map, click OK, TomTom comes up with address location on a map.

    What version of TomTom do you have? I upgraded to 5.2 (5.0 is right out of the box). Maybe that will help, but I can;t really be sure because I upgraded as soon as I got TomTom so I never used it with 5.0.
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    Ahhh... I've just tried it with a couple of other addresses, and it seemed that TomTom didn't like the first couple of addresses i tried - It needs street name, number, town and that's it. My friend lives on a new road, which TomTom sees as an un-named road, and doesn't know the house numbers, so it couldn't find it, and the address look-up doesn't seem to bother with the post code. :-(

    By the look of it, you need to edit quite a lot out of the address, (flat numbers, etc) before it'll find the address.

    I hope that later versions are a bit cleverer at resolving the addresses, ie using the post code as well as the street name.

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