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    I am frequently on conference calls in the car and my current headset doesn't have the ability to mute the phone. I need to rely on the mute "button" on the screen every time I need to turn it on and off and while driving in the car, it can be a bit of a hassle finding exactly where the button is on the screen without hitting something else.

    Are there any programs out there that can reassign this function to the side button right below the volume up/down? I don't know of any other function the side button does while the phone is in use.

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    or... I'm guessing such an App doesn't exist.
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    yea im curious, too
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    Why don't you just use the 5-way to highlight the mute button and hit it with the center key? That's easy to do one-handed and a more accurate way to do it.
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    That's what I need to do today but if I'm driving, it's not that easy having to turn on/off the mute when I immediately need to speak on the conference calls that I attend. Also, after a few minutes, the background light on the screen goes off so when I press the button, the mute function doesn't activate but instead, only the screen light goes on. I would need to press it again (assuming the active button is on Mute) in order to turn it on/off. Annoying sometimes when I press it once thinking I can speak right away (or even worse me thinking that I had muted the phone and say something I don't want the rest of them to hear).
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    Best thing to do in this case is to use a handsfree device with a mute button instead of the speakerphone.

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