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    Hi there - I need some help - I had to do a hard reset as I'm having all kinds of crash issues - I renamed & moved my backup folder & am starting completely fresh. The 1st thing I want to do is reinstall my old but registered Datebk5. I grabbed 2 files from the old backup folder called DateBk5 & DateBk5db and hotsynced these. When I hit the DateBk5 app on the Treo (650) it says: "size too big / failed" or something like that & then goes onto other screens talking about setting different prefs, registering etc. I don't understand why it's not saving my information from before. There is 1 file in my old backup called Dbas (not a prc but one of those yellowish looking files which I think is a database file of some sort). I didn't add this in as I'm not positive what it is.

    I don't know what to do at this point. I want to keep my Treo really clean & experiment so I don't have these crash issues anymore & want to be careful about adding in any files I don't know about!

    Perhaps I should just download a fresh copy of DateBk5 from their website & install using that & hope it still accepts my old registration # that I have?

    I won't do anything until I get some advice!
    Thanks, you guys are the best!
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    Actually - I noticed I do have a folder in my Program files on my PC called Pimlico - and w/in that I have a DateBk5, a dbSetup & Icons-DateBk5 prc's. I could add these back in?
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    I use DB5, I Suggest you go to Pimlico. I have found them quite helpful.
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    I'd suggest downloading the latest update to Datebk 5 direct from Pimilco and re-installing it. As long as you have a valid registration key for Datebk 4 (or 3 or 4, for that matter), you'll be fine.
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    I did just that (downloaded new, installed & put in my old reg. code) .. I seem to be up & running. Thx.

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