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    Let me preface this by saying that I'm a fanatic about keeping my memory clear. I run everything possible from the sd card and, as a result, my 700p is very speedy, with none of the lag times I had when I was used to let the memory fill up. But I just downloaded two large zip files and I can't find them with either Handzipper or Filez to delete them. I know they're there because both Filez and the Palm's memory meter say my RAM is 5 MB lower than it used to be. Is it possible for files to sit in RAM without Filez being able to see them?

    Anyway, I solved the problem by re-downloading. When Blazer asked if I wanted to overwrite the existing files, I said yes. Then, I canceled the download. That appears to have discarded the files. But I still can't figure out how Filez couldn't see a 2.5 MB zip file in RAM.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I wonder if it ended up incorporated into a cache file rather than showing up as a separate file. Have a look at your RAM with FileZ but sort by file size descending--so bigger files are at the top of the list--and then try downloading again. Look again with FileZ and see if anything "grew."
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    I found my zip files usually on card Palm\Blazer\Downloads
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    If the 700P has an "internal" ram drive, you might look there too.. I've found that Pocket Tunes will install Skins to there sometimes. It doesn't show up normally, but Filez or Resco Explorer has the option to see that folder.

    Disclaimer: I have a 650, but I doubt it's changed much.
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    mal5z, what do you use as a launcher?

    My understanding is that you really need alauncher to support running everything off of an SD card.

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