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    For the second time in 1.5 years I have returned my Treo 650 and received a replacement from Sprint. Both times I had dust trapped between the LCD and glass. I don't use a case and like carrying the treo in my front right pocket. I use a reusable screen protector, which doesn't prevent dust from going between the screen glass and plastic housing....and eventually getting under the glass. Anyone else seeing this problem? Doesn't really matter when indoors, but when you are outside in the sun the dust really stands out.

    I have looked around for cases to prevent this problem without much luck. I even purchased the palm form fit case and cut the button off the back of it to carry in my front pocket, but it still allows dust to get inside the case. Anyone know of a very tight case with screen cover? I don't want a clip, holster or anything like that, just something to cover the screen without making the treo too big for front pocket storage.
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    Well, based on the lack of responses, I assume dust is not a huge problem for anyone. Maybe my replacement will be an improvement. After all I did have one of the first 650s from Nov 2004. My new one is probably superior construction
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    Dust is a problem for any phone. I also do not like it and use a case, because otherwise no matter how clean your pocket is, the dust will get under the glass in any way! Not much! But it will be there!
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    I used to carry in my pocket too, but now use the palm hard case. But the reason I did was because dust used to be a pain! I would clean the edges of the screen using a business card like every other day. I never got any trapped under my screen though. I'll have to be on the look out for it.

    So does sprint just replace your treo because of the dust? Is that covered in the in-store replacement plan (not lockline)?
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    I have Lockline, but I didn't have to file a claim with them. The first time they just ordered me a refurb replacement in store. The second time they tried to clean out the dust in the store and managed to crack the screen, so gave me another replacement. Wish they would have given me a 700p.
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    I have massive quantities of dust under my screen. It's pretty annoying.

    Last night, I had to do the headphone jack fix, and so I took a closer look at the screen. There are places where dust can get in to the screen assembly and work its way down.

    Given the adhesive tape, etc. on the screen, I don't think I'm going to attempt to disassemble it until after I get a replacement screen.

    BUT, I realized that it might be possible to protect the new replacement screen by carefully filling the gaps where dust can enter with silicone. Heck, it should be a sealed assembly anyway, but it's not.

    If I'm successful, I'll post somewhere on this list.

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    i have never had a speck of dust under my screen and i have owned every treo since the 180 and now have the 680. i have been using the sena flip case for my last 2 treos. everynight i clean the treo and the case with the 3m microfiber cloths.
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