Can someone please explain what smart monitoring in Uninstall Manager is and weather or not I need to select it? The two programs I am concerned with right now are PowerRUN and NVbackup. I will have FileZ on my SD card so I am not sure if that makes a difference. Can someone please dumb this down for me and let me know what programs besides McPhling are always on? Thanks!

From the Northglide website Smart Monitoring is:
"Smart Monitoring
If you're using applications that save files/preferences on top of other applications (such as hack-like applications and other applications that are 'always on' e.g. McPhling); having the Smart Monitoring option selected will minimize monitoring mistakes. Uninstall Manager will try to determine if a monitored item (a hidden file/preferences) that was just created belongs to a different application and will not add it to its log file.

When Smart Monitoring is selected, Uninstall Manager will not monitor file creations by file managers when saving files and other applications that manipulate RAM based databases. Select Smart Monitoring for a less verbose log file."