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    Well the screen in my 650 cracked today and Sprint gave me a 700 to replace it... so i brought it home and tried to hotsync it... i get the "port in use..."

    SO i went to connection and paired my treo with the PC, so I KNOW they can talk

    local is set to com port 3

    local and local usb are both checked if i right click the system tray

    my bluetooth advanced settings show that local services are running on Com 3 and client services are running on Com 4

    NOTHING i do seems to allow it to get past that "already in use" error... ive plugged and unplugged the dongle many times and have rebooted

    i also install the new palm desk that came with the 700p


    please help me here folks... ive got 200+ client #'s and emails that need to get put back on this thing tonigh

    thanks for all your help in advance

    EDIT: well i got it to hotsynch via the cable... rather, its hotsynching right now... but i still need to figure out the BT end of it
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    Make sure that both ports are not the same - your "local USB" and "Modem" ports must be different; mine are 4 & 3 respectively. Also make sure that the hot sync manager is up and running and try it a few times - on occasion the first 1 or 2 tries don't work, but the 3rd does. Ben
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    ok here is where i FLIP OUT

    before i started all this i backed up my profile folder int he palmone directory... ok

    i did a hotsync and it restored NONE of my contacts AT ALL... i goto palmdesk, theres nothing there but the default numbers sprint gives you...

    so... i check CUSTOM in the hotsync thing and contacts and backup are set to "overwrite computer".. GRRR... i change that to Computer overwrites palm and i deleted my profile dir and restored my saved one... re-synced... NOTHING AGAIN... where did everything go????????????
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    a quick glance at outlook revealed thats where my synch's were... used the cd that came with the phone to install the Outlook conduits... but syncing still leaves my without my stuff
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    doh.. was the custom again... set it up to overwrite the treo and FINALLY i have my stuff back... when i saw that empty contacts screen I'll be honest that i almost had a heart attack

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