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    I know this worked before, so I'm really perplexed. Basically, I wrote an email with Snappermail. Then I went to attach a picture. Whereas before, after clicking on the attachment icon I was given a choice of what kind of file to attach including "Pictures & Video." Now that option is gone, I can only attach from Documents, Sounds, Voice Memo, Card or RAM. Anyone else notice this? Is this a bug or a feature-- I bought it via Sprint and I'm wondering if they crippled that feature. Seems unlikely since the bundled app can email photos, but who knows. Thanks.
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    I've been using Snappermail for 2 1/2 years on a Treo 600, and I had no trouble attaching photos. They would be thumbnails and could be in ram or on a card. Now that I've upgraded to the 700p, I can only attach photos when they're on a card, and they appear as numbers, not thumbnails--very frustrating. Also, when an email comes in with an attached photo, and I have copy it to the card in order to view it. If I try to open it by double clicking on the attachment, the phone does a soft reset.

    I hope someone has a solution!
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    I'm running SnapperMail Enterprise v2.3.4.01 on my Sprint Treo700p and attaching pictures from Pics&Videos, RAM, or Card works fine for me.

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