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    I just got my hot little hands on the Palm Ultralight Wireless BT headset today, and impatiently waited while it charged up. The sound quality is fantastic... with one small detail.

    Nobody can hear me.

    Seriously. I can hear people on the other end of the line, but they can't hear me. I did, in fact, check to make sure that the phone isn't muted (I don't get the 2 tones every 60 seconds). I did check to make sure that I do get the two tones when the phone is muted, so that isn't it.

    I'm kind of at a loss. And, I can't find any useful information on the Palm website. (Go figure.)

    Anyone have any ideas? Or am I going to have to return my pretty new toy?

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    They can't hear you meaning there's no sound going through or you sound very quiet? Either way, there's probably something wrong with it. Take it back and exchange it.


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