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    well besides ProfileCare of course? I went from 333 in 3s to a pedestrian 3869 in 69s. I also get random resets when I modify events in my calendar application. I know that this app is the cause, 'cause when I disable it, the random resets are minimal to non-existent per the same operations that caused it before. I have scoured the forum, but have found nothing besides the these two competing apps (Profiles and ProfileCare). Thanks a mill in advance. Cheers!
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    I have also disabled profiles because of too many crashes. I can't say for sure that profiles is the culprit, but with it my 700p was crashing at least once a day and without it I am going for several days to almost a week. Too bad, I really liked the capability.
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    If you want profiles you will give up processing time, no way around that...
    tht said PC lets you disable it for certain programs that need speed like games, works great for me as the general speed is ok
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