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    Has anyone else had this problem? When I select an empty time slot and change a view, it crashes. When I select an appointment and scroll to the next day, the appointment title moves to the next day and then crashes again. Also my floating events don't move to the next day.

    Is there any solution to this?
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    Can't really help with the crashing except to ask which version you're running?

    As far as the floating events not advancing, that's usually a sign that the evaluation period has expired and you need to register the program.
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    I thought I had posted this website earlier this morning, but don't see it now...try going to

    The software developer monitors the group and answers questions.
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    Originally posted by bregent
    Can't really help with the crashing except to ask which version you're running?
    Yeah, I haven't registered yet because I wasn't' sure why it was crashing and not advancing the floating event.
  5. yim
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    i have been using datebk 4.0d, p7 for several months and never had this problem.
    Jim Klapste
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    I use Datebk 4.0c and it crashes just as you say. I love the power of the program and I've simply learned to avoid the things that make it crash like clockwork. I didn't even know that 4.0d was out. I think I'll go get the update right now!!

    The c version crashes ALOT....hahahaha. It's pretty bad.



    Update: Datebk 4.0d eh? I'm lookin' but I just don't see it anywhere.... Any chance you have a URL handy for that update?
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    yeah i'm using 4.0c too.
    Finding 4.0d would be nice.
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    DateBk Ver????
    I think i am running a beta copy of date book 4.

    in the visor app/info screen: it indicates that the version of date book 4 i am running is "4.0c"

    in softrack: it indicates that my version of date book is "4.0c"

    in datebk4, options/about&Register S/W: it indicated that i am running DateBk4 V-4.0d,p7

    I downloaded it in september 2000 (i think). I went back to pimlico site where i downloaded from and the link no longer works. > scroll down to documentatin select "whats new". This was the place i accessed the beta version, but the link doesn't work any more.

    There must have been 7 preview releases at that time. Don't know any more about it. I am runnig it on a Visor delux, use it extensively for work, appointments, alarms etc, nothing fancy and have never had a problem or a crash.
    Jim Klapste
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    Could you at 4pm EST today walk outside, hold your Visor high in the air, and beam Datebk4.0d to me? I'd sure like to have a non-crashing version of this software....

    You may need stronger batteries.

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    Here is the link to the preview release of 4.0d:
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    I am glad you provided the link na2rboy.

    I was all ready to beam arker the zip file but didn't have atteries big enough and was sure which direction i was to point my visor. Hope this ver works better for you. I have e-mailed pimlico if they still are working on beta releases but have not heard back from them. if i do i will let you know.
    Jim Klapste
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    I just got an email from datebook
    down loaded it and the verisin is v4.0d, s3
    down load and install work ok.
    copy follows:

    V-4.0d of DateBk4 has now been officially posted. This is a maintenance
    release that has focussed primarily on cleaning up myriads of small issues
    in the V_4.0d release. Of most importance is the solution to the problem
    of duplicate alarms on the Visor Prism & Platinum (you will still need to
    run DateBk4 after every hotsync), fixes for all known beaming problems,
    and better support for the process of handling undated ToDo's and
    assigning dates.

    This is a free upgrade for all registered DateBk4 users - just download
    and install on top of your existing program. The download link is:

    (just copy and paste this URL into your web browser to start the download

    If you encounter any problems, check that it installed properly and is the
    correct size (if you see a size of 920K then something definitely went
    wrong!). If you still have problems, delete the DateBk4DB preference
    database and allow DateBk4 to rebuild a new one (if you do that, you will
    need to re-enter your preferences and registration code).

    There is an elegant 85 page manual that you can download with invaluable
    information on DateBk4. If you are a power user or just interested in
    getting the most out of DateBk4, you will find it most useful to scan
    through. The manual can be downloaded from:

    If you use Saved Views, do *NOT* panic - the diamond button is handled
    differently in V-4.0d - you need to go into PREFERENCES in the Day VIew
    and select from 1-6 out of the seven possible views (i.e. six views +
    saved view) for display.

    Before sending an email regarding some change or feature, please read
    through the README1ST file and the manual as the question may well be
    answered in there.

    If you do not want to receive these notices, remember that you can go to
    this mailing list and remove or update your name.

    CESD, Pimlico Software, Inc.
    Jim Klapste

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