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    Finally decided to buy a GPS reciever for my Treo 650.
    I got the EMTAC BTGPS-S3 with TomTom and hoping it will get delivered by Friday.

    Got it from Semsons, anyone else have this unit?

    Also anyone got pictures of their Treo car setups?
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    I got it today. Havent played with it a lot yet because i'm still at work, but its pretty damn cool.

    What other cool applications do you all use with your GPS units?
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    I got TomTom too, but I was in a hurry to get it (i was going on a road trip) so I just got the Nav 5 bundle. The TomTom reciever is not so bad, just a hassle to get it to lock sometimes, but once locked on its really good.

    I bought the Arkon mount set : comes with a vent mount AND a window mount (as well as a adhesive disc that you can stick on your dash to turn your window mount into a dash mount).

    I have only used the vent mount and am Happy. I think I set it too high on the vent because when I hit bumps the vent slides down which makes my treo's screen unviewable, but it has to be a big bump. Once I fix that, I will be fine.
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    I havent had any trouble with the locking problem. I turn on the bluetooth GPS first, then turn on Tomtom and it syncs pretty fast. Since I got the kit from Semsons I also got a Arkon mount included.

    The only thing I didn't like was that my bluetooth headset doesnt work when I have TomTom. But that won't be a problem for a while since I lost my Scala 500 this weekend.

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