This may be a crazy idea, however someone may want to jump on this. I have been using the 700p (sprint) for about a month now, and love the evdo connectivity. However, I noticed that when I tether using windows xp I can get download speeds of 700k+. I believe this is due to the tcp capabilities of the windows xp which I have tweaked. I have also read that people using the windows mobile version of the 700W (Verizon) are also getting great connection speeds.

This leads me to believe that the parameters of the palm OS are not set up to optimise, and take advantage of the highspeed internet connectivity. I believe this has something to do with the netlib settings in the palm os.

I have been optimizing systems for better and faster Internet connectivity on the windows platform for years.

So here is my question. Is there anyway of adjusting tweaking or what ever settings in the palm OS such as RWIN,MTU, MTU Discovery, Time Stamping, TTL etc.

There is such a program available for windows called Dr. TCP. How about the palm OS.

If any one knows of such a program it would be great if you could share it with us. If there is not a program of similar function, how about a developer jumping on the bandwagon, and engineering one. I am sure I would not be the first in line to buy such a product.

I would welcome any comments.