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    Anyone else having the same debate I am? I switched to the treo 650 from my sidekick II(hated it), but have had a chance to play around witht he new sidekick III and it wasnt that bad at all. The bluetooth wont transfer files but that's ok i guess. the 1.3mp camera as well as built in MP3 player's a bit of a turn on.

    Would I be an ***** to sell my treo 650 and get one of these new sidekick IIIs? My treo 650 doesnt have a warrenty anymore and it worries me sometimes that if it does go on the fritz, i'm out $300.00

    sidekick 3:

    it has WiFi, Edge, MP3, Bluetooth(headphone only), expandable SD card, 1.3 mp camera, and no more ******* bumpers.
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    F the SKIII...sorry

    Have a friend that got one and I was playing around with it and it reminded me of the SKII...go with the Treo, you'll have a lot more options. I know a lot of people that have gone from Sidekicks to Treos and have never looked back.

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    If you're big into instant messaging then the SK3 is probably a good choice. That's the SK3's best feature and most compelling argument in it's favor. It's not my thing so the Treo is my choice, but YMMV.
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    maybe its just FUD but check out this link

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