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    What is the best way to make the 650 work as an MP3 player: Pocket Tunes? Something else? Then what stores are compatible: iTunes, Yahoo Music, etc.?

    Recommendations for stereo headsets?
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    I know it gets slammed regularly on this board, but the included RealPlayer plays MP3s just fine. Also, TCPMP can play MP3s as well as movies and it's a free download.
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    I think Pocket Tunes is the best player - but I don't have it on my 650 because Real works ok and it's embedded in the ROM (trying to save space). If I could erase Real, I would use Pocket Tunes. As mentioned above, Real ain't great, but it works.

    As for store compatibility, I don't think either work with any of the stores.
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    Yahoo works with PocketTunes.
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    My favorite is mOcean. It syncs with iTunes has great sound quality, and nice interface. Second favorite is the included RealPlayer. It has good sound quality but is light on features (like reading tags, forward fast...) Next favorite is PocketTunes which has the best feature set and best interface, but the sound quality is not quite as good as the others.
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    I find that for listening to MP3 on the card any of the above programs are adequate for my needs. However, I listen to streaming music (internet shoutcast radio as well as my own music using gloonet) and PocketTunes Deluxe is the only program that does this.
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    WMAs sound better than MP3s on Pockettunes. And the higher the bitrate, the better audio quality... as long as you have good earbuds.
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    I have been very happy with Pocket Tunes. It has been more than adequate for my needs.

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    I have to vote for mOcean too. The first versions were buggy but now it's wonderful. The interface is way better than the rest.
    I switched from pTunes and am extremely happy
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    My Treo 650 (Verizon) resets if mOcean is playing and I answer an incoming phone call. Every time. No such problems with Pocket Tunes, it pauses and starts up again automatically when the phone call ends. I do like mOcean's interfaces better than any PocketTunes skin I've seen, but still it seems like mOcean isn't quite ready for prime time.
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    Pocket Tunes works best for me on the 650. I had some problems with the newest version for a while, but when I upgraded to WMP 11, I could sync again.

    I use Napster-To-Go with PT (as does my wife and daughter on their Creative MuVo's. Gotta love the multi-pc/multi-device subscription!). My only problem, at the moment, is the combination of PT and Softick's Audio Gateway for bluetooth connectivity doesn't work when using DRM files.
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    I like AeroPlayer as it sounds more deeply than other players I used. Maybe it is because of headphones, but I liked it more.
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    As far as I am concerned AreoPlayer produces the best possible deep bass sound on Treo than any other player. I have tried others all and settled with it because of the sound quality. It has AAC support also.

    PocketTunes has a ince interface (skins) though.
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