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    I tried selecting LightWav as the player and the same thing happened.

    As for the interface of LightWav, I couldn't agree more. The best example is single handed navigation. Works pretty well on one screen, then only half way on another, then doesn't work at all on a third. I used to professionally program and when I see something like that it gives me the impression that the thing was cobbled together over the years by different programming teams with varying degrees of skill who built on top of each other but had no interest in looking or fixing what lay beneath. Probably why it has a reputation as being unstable software. When I got thrown on a project like that and saw code that was crap, I ripped it right out and re-wrote it. Sure I shouldn't have had to and it takes more time up front but in the long run it saves all kinds of time in eliminating bugs from bad code that I didn't have to track down months later.

    I've been going through Lightwav with you too and stopped when the license wouldn't upgrade anymore. I remember at one point the version they had was so buggy that they said they were going to re-write and ripped out midi files for awhile to make it more stable. Well I have trouble believing they re-wrote the whole thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C
    I am using Lightwav 1.61. Anyone see this behavior?
    I had that with my first download, before 1.61. Since going to 1.62, I'm happy.
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    Lightwav SEEMS to be okay on my treo650 GSM. however, when i try the video calling, it just crashes every single time. anyone have this problem ?

    sigh. why can't it just be stable?/
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    I finally deleted Lightwave for good after several tries to stop the rebooting. Tech support answered me right away via email, so I can't complain about them. It would work great for a couple of days and then the resetting would start each time a phone call would come in. Tech said I had to remove any plugins and just use the Lightwave player. I deleted any competing software I thought might interfere, to no avail.
    I'd just like to be able to set the mp3's on my SD card as ringtones for each of my contacts. Anyone have a simple program to do that?
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    so Bob, write us a simple ringtone program...pleeeeez!!!
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    I have been using LW for 2-3 years now. I finally switched to mRing. Less features, but what a pleasure to know that when you place or receive phone calls you are not playing reset roulette.
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