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    Hi guys,
    i'm going to purchase my first memory card for the treo 700p and was just verifying that these were compatible.
    SanDisk SDSDH-2048-901 2 GB Ultra II Secure Digital Memory Card
    SanDisk 2 GB SD Memory Card

    would both of these work in the treo 700p? is one better than the other?
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    I would go for the Ultra as it supposes to have faster reading/writing rate.
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    Both should work. The Ultra has faster read and write speed than the regular SD card from SanDisk. I would get the Ultra if I were you. Especially if you are transferring lots of video and MP3's from a PC to the SD card for the Treo.
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    great, thanks guys.
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    With the SD card you might take a bit of time to read up on file transferring. Look at what utilities to use, free/pay; method, USB/Bluetooth/card reader; and which method of transfer to use in specific situations.

    I have not used a USB cable since early 650 days; I find Bluetooth to be handier, though not as fast. The 700p has not had a cable attached for use. If I have a lot of files or really big files to put on the card and time is a bit short, which is rare, I use a card reader.

    The next thing after that is to look at utilities that make living with a SD card easier, such as a good third party launcher with built-in file management. Then look at all of those programs that make the SD card shine - pTunes, Docs to Go, gosh, there are so many of them. Do not hesitate to spend, spend, spend! It is fun.

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    Ultra II is the way to go. There is a noticeable difference in speed of access.
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    Not sure if the thread starter needs it, but ill put it out there for everyone. The Transend 4GB card is only $67 at new egg after $30 rebate.

    I just ordered one last night.

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