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    I paste the recent NYTimes review here. Near the end of this article the author mentions T-Mobile to have 700p by end of the year.

    Anyone have any solid input about T-Mobile plans for the Treo 700p or other? Thanks for taking time to respond. Robert, Austin, Texas

    David Pogue

    May's Treo Leapfrogs Past January's

    Published: May 18, 2006

    THE electronics industry operates like a very expensive game of
    leapfrog. You buy something in April, and then a newer, faster, less
    expensive version comes out in May. Rats!

    On the other hand, you might get lucky; you might not buy in until the
    better version comes along. There you sit on the train, on the plane or
    at the baseball field, smugly looking over at the poor saps who bought
    last month's phone, music player or camera.

    If you've been shopping for a smartphone a multipurpose cellphone with
    Tic-Tac keys for tapping out e-mail the game is picking up speed. This
    week, Palm unveiled the latest model of its popular Treo phone, the
    700P, only four months after the previous one.
    So what's the downside of the new Treo? It's expensive, of course. And
    because it works on the Sprint and Verizon networks, it doesn't work
    overseas. (If history is any guide, a Treo 700P designed for Cingular
    and T-Mobile will appear later in the year. Those are the G.S.M.
    networks, the European standard.)


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    He says if history is a guide as his source, he doesn't back it up with any credible sources. I'm not saying T-Mobile won't have it by the end of the year, I'm just saying don't read into his comment too much.
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    My T-Mo rep has told me more than once that they are not going to carry the Treo line.

    That's why they make an unlocked GSM
    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    This was way back in May!
    Palm III > Palm V > Palm Vx > (Sprint) Kyo 6035 > Handspring Treo 300
    > Handspring Treo 600 Oct.'03 > Palm Treo 700P May'06 > Treo 755P Aug.'07 > Pre(-) June'09 + TouchPad July'11 LONG LIVE webOS!!!
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    The GSM oversea Treo is a WM5, I don't see why won't TMo carry it..

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