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    Is there an app that will allow the side button to activate different apps depending on what app is the current focus? Example: I use the side button to activate voice dialing when in phone mode, but I'd like to use the same button to activate mvoice when other apps are showing. Might even be a 3rd app that wants to use the side button based on dependencies. (I searched and did not see anything along these lines so please hold the flames!)

    Mark Bergman
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    found the answer...for anyone else who missed it.....A quick press on the side button will initiate whichever application is assigned to this key in the Treo settings (e.g. Voice Dialing), and in order for the mVoice to start recording you will have to keep the side button pressed long enough (up to 3sec). This will allow you to assign two applications to the side button.
    Mark Bergman
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    Butler will also allow you to assign other keys for hotstarts.
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    How about Aardquick button launcher? not free, but very usefull to access those often used apps with a couple press of a button.
    - Jeeman

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