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    I have a UI suggestion for 2day. The layout and UI have been very carefully though-out and it is a pleasure to use.

    When one scrolls and selects a scheduled meeting/ appointment/ todo, a pop-up is displayed providing the details of the appointment with the following line at the top: "<Back Open {Comp} Delete Lookup."

    One has to navigate these menu items by the 5-way and press select. As it is, everything works well.

    My suggestion is to move this line (menu items) below the rectangular display window (and probably convert them into conventional buttons too). The advantage would be that one could also activate the menus with one's thumb.

    My second suggestion is to (also) use the internal create/ edit window to "Open" (or edit) and "Comp(lete)" the appointment instead of using the native editor. Or alternatively, to return to 2day after the editing (via native editor).

    I am posting this here instead of a private mail to shsh, so that you all can comment and give your thoughts on the (suggested) modifications.
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    The idea of puting the menu below the text is quite nice - will consider this, and would be happy to hear people's opinion on this.

    Regarding the second issue - this was asked many times in the past - 2day is not meant for editing calendar & tasks entries - just to show them, and allow fast creation of them. I am not about to compete Agendus and/or DateBk5/6... sorry...

    I also can not return to 2day after editing a record, since I lose control of the device when I launch the other app.
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    T|C members! Are the finer points of UI lost on you guys?
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    Neither is a big deal to me. Puting this menu at the bottom of the screen might make it a bit easier to use. As for going back to 2day, I just press the schedule button which works fine for me.
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    Having the menu at the bottom, in the form of buttons, could be an improvement in terms of usability. It would be fewer thumb movements for me to just move from the 5-way up to the particular button on the screen, rather than click the 5-way left or right (although that would still work, too, yes?) The loss of screen real estate for the buttons, at least for me, wouldn't be a big issue. None of my records have enough text to fill up the current text area in that screen. If I do have lengthy text in a particular record, it's more efficient for me to just make that an attached note (which 2Day makes it easy to access anyway). Just my 2 cents.

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