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    if it weren't for the call log, I would never know who called for those few times when my sprint 650 is not on my person. my phone when called will ring and ring, but no option to leave vm. this has been the case for over 6 mo.(actually it may be closer to a year) I make sure to terminate net connection after surfing or streaming on vision. any clues or help would be appreciated, as this is one of the last challenges that I must solve to achieve the mystery of treo..
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    You need to call your carrier, the voicmail option is set up by them and has nothing to do with your phone. They can change if you have voicemail and usually how many rings before voicemail comes up with some carriers.
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    Thanks, called up sprint, they confirmed that somehow my voicemail had been removed many months back during a plan change....i had thought that it might have been something with the treo. nice, now someone can leave me a voicemail msg. if I press the ignore button! what a concept......

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