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    I returned my original 700p due to creaky buttons. My second one is better but is also creaky (goes in spurts: most of the time it's OK, but sometimes it squeaks a lot). I'm trying to decide whether to return another one or just accept it as a characteristic of most 700p's.
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    no squeaks here!
    first one did squeak but this one doesn't.
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    My newest 700P WAS creaky, but after a two weeks of heavy keyboard use the creakyness has gone away. There is a recent thread about getting rid of the creaking using WD40.
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    None here!
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    Not at all and it's been about a month of about 6 hours of heavy use a day. Ben
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    Mine do a little bit but that is because my case kind of applies some preasure to the keys. Which I think cases the sound.
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    no noises from the keys here
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    it's really annoying that they can't get the buttons on a $600 device to not make noises. I get creaky noises out of all of the buttons above the keyboard. It really feels flimsy.
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    Unless I am just deaf, which ya never know, mine nor my father's has ever creaked, squeaked or anything.
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    No creaking from my Treo.
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    No creaking from either my Treo or my wife's Treo.
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    Creaky right side apps buttons. The previous 700p I had was even worse, all the keys were squeaky on it. The 700p build quality seem definitely cheaper to me than than 650 GSM I have. I've been trying a Nokia E61 that past couple of days and man is that thing solid! A metal battery cover and good keys make a world of difference n feel.
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    No creaking - If you want creaking my 600 creaked like crazy.
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    i've had two of these and both were ok.
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    One 600: not a single problem

    Three 650s: two were creaky

    FOUR 700ps: all four with the problem. It varies from left side, right side, and lower middle.

    I'm thinking the majority of the 700p keyboards have the problem, but a lot of users are not annoyed like I am, or think it's normal.

    Did a follow-up WD-40 treatment using the "No Mess Pen". Will post the results in a couple days. So far, so good, but I'm taking a risk long term.
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    i think its about time we find something else to complain about... o_O
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    Word. mine is fine.
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    Hmmm, I hear some creaky posters...
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    No creak here, mang.
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    Zero creak
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