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    I often feel the need of having shortcuts while typing emails or chatting on my Treo 700p and I don't have another option but to keep retyping them over and over. Is there anything other than ProClip that will work on the Treo 700p?
    For example I usually have to retype my email addresses or blog address to my friends and family while chatting or in emails. The same goes for phone numbers and my home address. In older Palm OS PDAs this used to be included under preferences but now it is all gone.


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    It's still there (I think) but not very useful. Use Shortcut5. This is far faster, more programmable and easier to use.
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    This is freaking awesome..!!!! KUDOS..!! I wish there was a thank you button so you could get the credit.

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    That program looks great, however, it doesn't say it is compatible with the 700P. It specifically says the 600 and 650.
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    There was another program that did this without using the shortcut icon. It's like predictive text. I sued it on my 600 but I can't remember what it was. You can also create your own words to it's list. I'll search around and post it here if I can still find it.
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    Here's one I found called Textplus.
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    OOPS I mean Textras
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    ok maybe 1 last one. I like this one the most.
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