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    So disappointed with the camera... especially after using the amazing little camera on the LG VX9800 (1.3 mega pixel) even without using it's flash.

    My main beef is with the _color_ which even in the best of lighting conditions renders skin and sand pink, while greens appear very blue. Has anyone else had this problem or could it be just my particular Treo 700p?

    Yes, I was able to successfully edit it using PSP on my PC and then put it back onto my SD card, but that is not the point.

    I can handle the low light issue, and the pixel quality is fine, it is primarily the color issue.

    Any thoughts? Is there any chance the camera software can be upgraded? Would switching devices make a difference?

    TA in advance for your thoughts...
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    The camera pretty much sucks on any phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPR
    The camera pretty much sucks on any phone.
    Yeah...**** it really sucks on this phone. I don't even use my Treo to take pictures. I use my wife's A900 Blade and then I transfer them to my phone for some of our family albums on my SD card.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    I have to agree with this. The biggest issue is the colors too. The sharpness is actually pretty good (most of the people that have seen it are impressed), but the colors, at times, look like one of those old recolored black and white movies. The darker the area, and by dark I mean anything other than direct sunlight the worse the sensitivity seems to be. Then again, I wasn't expecting to take family archive quality photos with a 1.3MP camera so I'm not that dissappointed.
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    Does anyone know what determines how the images (assuming both are 1.3 and without flash) on some cameras have great color and others such poor color? Is it software? Can it be "fixed" in the future if the user wishes?
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    as with all digital Poor white balance is the problem. Havent found a fix yet
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    Thanks... c'est la vie

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