The Palm Treo 700p has advanced in local audio and video playback functionality than previous versions of Treos. Here is some information that may help you in playing back videos on your Treo 700p.

The Palm Treo 700p supports the following formats for local playback:
- MPEG4 video with AAC audio in a .mp4 file format.
- H.264 (AVC) video with AAC+ audio in a .mp4 file format.
- MJPEG video with PCM audio in a .avi file format (for digital still camera video playback ex. Canon videos)

Recommended format support:
Video format: MPEG-4 or H.264
Audio format: AAC or AAC+
File type: .mp4
Video resolution: 320x240
Video frame rate: 15-20fps
Video data rate: 250-300kbps
Muxed data rate: <400kbps

Place the videos in the following directory on your SD card \\DCIM\Videos (where "Videos" could be any name that will end up as an album in Pics&Videos). You could put the videos in the root of \\DCIM location as well, but you will need to go to "All Pictures & Videos" to locate those video(s).

Local playback capabilities:
Fast forward: Hold down the 5-way right to scan forward
Rewind: Hold down the 5-way left to rewind
Show toolbar while playing: Press up on the 5-way to display the control toolbar
Play/Pause: Press the space bar to pause and resume

Desktop transcoding tools:
There are many tools that can be found online to trancode videos to the correct format. Many of these tools are also used for Apple's iPod with video. Below are a couple of examples, but not the only options.
- Quicktime Pro is a good tool, but make sure to lower the data rate from default, since the >700kbps is too high for the Treo.
- Kinoma Producer
- for Mac users