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    Pictures on my Treo 650 do not seem to be syncing to my PC. When I had a Treo 600, they would sync to the PC just fine. So far I've tried uninstalling all Palm related software from my PC, hard resetting my Treo and reinstalling everything from scratch (downloaded all the latest versions of hotsync and my apps from the web). I am not saving the pictures to a memory card. I have Hotsync set to "Handheld overwrites Desktop" for "Backup". Information on the Palm and other web sites tells me the pictures should be synced to one of the following:

    C:\Program Files\PalmOne\"user name"\Photos
    C:\Program Files\PalmOne\"user name"\Treophotos
    c:\Program files\Handspring\treopictures
    \My Documents\My Pictures\Treo Pictures

    Or something like the above.

    The palm web site has this:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(31573),ts=Palm_External2001

    ..but I don't have media button in Palm desktop and the pictures are not where it says they are (nor are they anywhere else).

    I just did an experement where I took a picture with my Treo, ran the hotsync and then searched my entire PC for jpg files, but I could not find the picture anywhere.

    I called tech support, but they were unable to help. The only suggestion they had was to reinstall everything again.

    From the links below and what I have seen on the web, this seems to be a very common problem. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    I forget where I read this .. but apparantly you need to install Palm Desktop and hotsynch from the original CD.

    I've got the same problem here.. I just don't have the original CD.
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    i think you have installed your software from the website.. which is incapable of synchronizing media. pls install palm desktop from the cd. ^_^

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