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    ok, i've read through the threads on here regarding this subject, but i got mixed messages.

    is there anything i can install to hack my blazer or opera mini so that i can view youtube / google videos?

    any help would be appreciated.

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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $isnt$ $Flash$ $plugin$ $for$ $any$ $browser$, $so$ $there$ $is$ $no$ $support$ $for$ $Flash$.
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    that would be sweet to view youtube vids.

    too bad.
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    It's standalone, but if you can download the swf file then maybe.
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    I've downloaded some Google Videos on my 700p and played them in the default Kinoma media player, as well as TCPMP with the appropriate codecs.

    But as for them playing in Blazer... no chance.

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