Iím having a problem with a new SD card and canít quite diagnose what is actually causing the issue so Iíll mention everything I have done over the last few days that got me to this point.

I have a pretty basic 650, no hacks or custom ROMs to speak of. When TiVo introduced their new desktop software a few weeks ago I thought it would be cool to upgrade to the new version and pay the money for the convenience of getting the transferred videos converted to MPEG-4 through the desktop software. Everything seems to be working correctly with this software.

To watch the videos I downloaded TCMP and installed the MPEG-4 plug-in. To store the videos I bought a Kingston 2GB SD card. When I first put the card in the Treo it was formatted by the Treo to match Palmís file structure. After that I put the card in my SanDisk ImageMate to transfer the movie on to the card.

I think something is happening that is causing the card to become corrupted. When I view the contents of the card after inserting it in to the Treo both ďCard InfoĒ and ďFileZĒ reports I only have 672MB free on the card. The only file on the card is the video and it is only 366MB. I tried to find what was taking up the other ~1.2MB and when I used FileZ to look at the PALM folder on the card everything inside of it was corrupted and it immediately locked the Treo up. I was able to see a bunch of subfolders I never created and everything had funky characters in its name.

Iíve searched in these forums but really havenít found anything useful. Any one else out there experience this or know whatís going on?