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    I'm trying out the 30 day trial of Chatteremail, everything works great and I'm enjoying the program a great deal (buying it this weekend!)

    I read online that it was now supporting POP push email, did I read it wrong?

    My IMAP email account is "pushing" but my .edu POP/SMTP account doesn't seem to give me that option, or is happening. States it is "offline"

    Thanks in advance!
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    It's impossible to push POP3 mail; you can simulate push by 1) forwarding to a push-capable IMAP server or 2) using an SMS trigger. Both of these options depend upon the server being able to forward and/or send a signal.

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    You can set pop email to check every X minutes. You can also set it to be sms triggered if your pop server will allow you to specify a location to send an email/sms to every time an email comes in. That would be simulated push, but not real push.

    I don't think push POP exists.
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    Thanks for the responses...

    If I have it setup as an SMS trigger, what would that exactly do? Send the email as an SMS or just notify me telling me of an email?

    Would a better option be to have a carbon copy of the email sent to my IMAP account?
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    SMS would trigger Chatter's getting the message from the server (a sync). I'm not sure what you mean by "carbon copy"; what you want is to have the mail forwarded to your IMAP account.

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    I have my pop mail forwarded to an IMAP account (AIM) and then I use the POP account's SMTP to send from. That way, nobody knows that the email was forwarded and I wouldn't have to change my email address.
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    By carbon copy I meant that it would send an email to my IMAP account with the email, a bit of a hassel because then it's in two places. My IMAP account is my .edu which will be taken away in about a month.

    What I'm going to do is setup a random IMAP account, never check it but have my pop account forward there. This way I never see the same email What a bother to see it again when I get home in outlook.

    What is a rather good free IMAP email account?
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    Everything is working great now

    Quick question though: Under summary mode, I am not getting all of the emails like it shows on some screenshots at the website. Any idea why? I have mailbox view set to use summary mailbox and start in summary.
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    For each mailbox you want in the Summary, check the "Summary" box on the "Other" page of "Edit Mailbox".

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    Thanks Marc!

    Your great program and support is the reason I'll be purchasing this program!
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    What I did is have my gmail forwarded to Then I copied the first part that seems to be included with every email fowarded to my SMS and used that as the trigger to sync with the gmail server. Works well. Your SMS program will not even see the SMS as Chatteremail seems to filter it out first. Just make sure you have enough SMS.
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    Thanks blu

    I ended up using my bogus AIM email account. Right now I've got my .edu account setup as IMAP but this will be gone in a few weeks. My "business" email account is POP, I have my server setup to send a copy of the email to my AIM account, which I then get pushed on the treo. I have the "business" email account setup so that I can respond to the email and send from that account, so my client has no idea I used AIM Works well thus far.
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